Traffic Safety

An Open Letter from Williston Park Mayor Paul Ehrbar on Traffic Safety

"As I meet with many residents throughout the year, I hear many concerns and productive ideas. A major concern for me, the Village Board and residents is the failure of many drivers to obey various traffic devices (red lights, stop signs, speed regulations, etc.). While the common belief is that most of unsafe drivers are non-residents, the fact remains that a number of violators are our residents of the Village. I speak with officers of the Third precinct from the Inspectors down to the field Officers (especially the POP officers), on a regular basis requesting more enforcement, in order to make our streets safer for all. These officers have been in the Village working on enforcement and I’m told that many times when pulling a vehicle over, a driver will be one of our residents.

The Village has eighteen miles of roadways, numerous traffic lights and over a hundred stop signs. It is impossible for the police to monitor all on a daily basis, although I will continue to reach out for more enforcement. To be honest, very few of us, if any, are perfect when behind the wheel of a car. However, it is time for all resident drivers to make a concerned effort to improve our driving habits. We all need to slow down, stop fully at stop signs, and observe red lights. As noted in the past that I’ve established a new Traffic Safety Committee (separate from our long-standing Parking Safety Committee) for all residents to join. To become part of this committee all a resident needs to do, is to make a personal commitment to improve their own driving habits. There are no costs or meetings required of this committee, just a desire to improve traffic safety throughout our Village.  The Village has a large population of children, seniors, joggers, walkers, and drivers using our sidewalks and streets. In order to make a safer Village for all, we must take personal responsibility to make this happen. Let’s together, strive to establish a reputation for Williston Park having safe streets.

A large number of residents are Police Officers, Firemen, EMTs, hospital employees and numerous others in public service who, in the course of their daily routine see the damaging effects of car related injuries. I ask this group to help spearhead this movement to help make our streets safer for all.  Let’s change the slogan 'Together We Can Make a Difference!' to 'Together We Have Made a Difference!'

In order to help remind all residents of the need for safety, safety slogans will be placed on a number of Village vehicles in the very near future."

Mayor Paul Ehrbar