Residential Rehabilitation Project

The Village of Williston Park applies for funding via Nassau County and HUD for Residential Rehabilitation Projects.  This program assists those that fall below certain income levels to have work done to their home.  The work focuses on weatherization work (roofs, boilers, windows etc.) and also assisting the disabled with modifications.   

You must own your home, fall below certain income levels, and live in the Village of Williston Park to qualify.  The current 2021 income levels to qualify are:

                    1 person household: $72,750

                    2 person household: $ 83,150

                    4 person household: $ 103,900 etc. 

If you believe you would qualify and are interested in applying for these funds, which are limited, please send a letter to the Village saying that you would like to apply for the Residential Rehabilitation Program. Include your name, address and daytime phone number(s).  If funding is available, your request will be forwarded to Nassau County, who will then send you an application and determine eligibility.  Please know that the entire process will take some time, even when funding is available.

Please see the following pages, which are printed from Nassau County’s website, for additional information before sending a letter to the Village so you can gain a better understanding of the program.






Rehabilitation Process

Source: 2022

Nassau County homeowners who are income eligible and are interested in participating in the Residential Rehabilitation Program must contact their local municipality. The local municipality will provide the referral to the Office of Community Development. For additional information please refer to the rehabilitation process below.

The Rehabilitation Process is broken down into eight steps: Step 1 – Income Eligibility

Upon submission of the application the Office of Community Development will determine the eligibility as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Step 2 – Initial Inspection

If income eligibility is determined, you will be contacted by a Nassau County Housing Inspector, who will perform an inspection of your residence to determine the eligible repairs.

Step 3 – Concurrence Request Letter

Approximately one week from the initial inspection, a letter and a copy of the scope of work will be sent to you for approval along with the Renovate Right Pamphlet. A lead based paint inspection is required on every home and will be scheduled with our environmental consulting firm.

Step 4 – Viewings

Approximately one week after our office receives the lead assessment from our environmental consulting firm, we will set up a viewing. The viewing provides an opportunity for our pre-approved contractors to go to the home and review the scope of work and then enter their bid on the project. Step 5 – Bid Openings

Approximately one week from the viewing date all bids submitted will be opened and reviewed. Our office will select a winning bid and notify the homeowner and contractor.

Step 6 – Contract Signing

Prior to starting the project the homeowner will be required to come to our office and sign a residential rehabilitation agreement and a 5-year interest free, forgivable recapture note, and mortgage. If the homeowner cannot come to our office, they may speak to a representative to make other arrangements.

Step 7 – Renovation Begins

Contractor reviews scope of work with the homeowner and begins the renovation. A Nassau Housing Inspector will perform periodic inspections from beginning to project completion. Step 8

Contractor completes renovation. A final inspection is performed. Homeowner, contractor, and inspector sign a project completion certificate. A post clearance lead inspection must be performed by our environmental consulting firm on or around the same day the project is completed. *Please note Town of Hempstead, Town of North Hempstead, and Town of Oyster Bay administer their own Residential Rehabilitation Program and have their own processes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Source: 2022

What are the requirements?

Eligibility is determined by the number of household occupants and total household income. Total household income of participants in the rehabilitation program must not exceed 80% of the median income, adjusted for household size, for their area as set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  

What kind of repairs do you do?

Residential rehabilitation activities focus on weatherization (roofs, boilers, energy efficient windows, lead paint remediation) needs and assisting disabled individuals with home modifications. Rehabilitation Funds are NOT FOR DECORATIVE CHANGES. Nassau County will perform a home inspection to determine the extent of the qualified home repairs

 Can I pick the color, style and quality of items to be renovated?

Yes. Homeowners have a choice of selection from the contractor's brands and materials.

 Can I upgrade these items to a name brand of my choice if I wish?

Yes, however the homeowner must make the request in writing to this office and if approved, the homeowner is responsible for the difference in price when deviating from the standard brand.

 What happens if I don't approve the contractor's workmanship?

A Nassau County housing Inspector will monitor the rehabilitation project with periodic inspections from beginning to end. A final inspection is also performed for completion approval. In the event that an issue arises regarding workmanship, it is at the inspector's discretion to determine if the work is acceptable.

 Can I pick the contractor to do the work?

No. The county has a list of pre-approved licensed home improvement contractors who will bid on the proposed work. The contractor who provides the winning bid will be awarded the project.

 How long will the project last?

Generally the work is completed within several weeks after the contracts have been signed. Each project is different and the amount of work and weather conditions may extend a project. The entire project is generally completed within ninety (90) days.  

Is there a warranty for the work performed?

Yes. The items and labor have a two (2) year warranty.

 Who do I call if I have a defective product or installation problem?

The homeowner should contact the home improvement contractor who performed the work. If the contractor does not respond in a timely manner, you may contact a representative from the Nassau County Office of Community Development.  

What is a 5 – year recapture Note and Mortgage?

The rehabilitation grant funds are essentially a deferred payment non interest loan to assist the homeowner in renovations. If the home is kept in compliance maintained as the homeowner's primary residence, not sold or transferred during the five year recapture time period, the loan is forgiven and no payments will be required.