Library Re-Opening

Beginning Wednesday, June 24, the Williston Park Library Is Open for Browsing!

After being closed for three months due to the pandemic, The Williston Park Library is now open for browsing! For now, we have limited hours while we adjust our operations.

                                                                                                Our New Daily Hours Are:

Wednesday, June 24th ONLY:  1-5:30pm

Open for Browsing: Monday-Friday:  10am-5:30pm

    Vestibule Pick-Up:   Monday-Friday:  10am-5:30pm

"Open for Browsing" means you can come inside, walk around the Library, and look for books and other items. Only five patrons will be allowed in the library at one time.  Please limit your time to 30 minutes. Only one family at a time will be permitted in the Children’s Room.

Items requested over the phone can be picked up in the Library vestibule.

Please maintain social distancing practices while in the LibraryYou will notice markers at the Circulation and Reference Desks and directional markers on our floors.

All patrons and staff are required to wear face coverings at all times while in the Library, per Executive Order 202.17Face coverings must coveboth your mouth and nose.

Congregating is not permitted.

Please return items in the outside book drops. For safety reasons, we cannot accept items returned inside the Library!

The computer center and OPAC are unavailable until further notice.

Newspapers are unavailable until further notice.

Thank you for cooperating with the guidelines we have in place to keep us all safe.