From the Desk of Mayor Paul Ehrbar

From the Desk of Mayor Paul Ehrbar

I begin on a sad note. Last week former Village Trustee/Herricks School Board member, Kevin Dunn passed away after a long battle with cancer which he developed from his involvement with the September 11th attack in NYC, as a Lt with the NYFD. Kevin grew up in Williston Park and after getting married, bought a home in here where he raised his family. When talking with him during his battle, he always presented a positive/optimistic attitude although knowing he was facing major problems. He leaves behind his wife Tina and four sons, John, Mathew, Thomas, and Daniel.

This week, longtime resident Robert (Bob)Hesse passed away, after suffering a stroke. A long-time member of the Williston Park American Legion Post 144. Bob and his wife Rita have been active in various Village functions throughout the years that they lived here.

Both of these gentlemen represented the identity of Williston Park.

I and my wife Doreen, along with the Board of Trustees and their families pass along our condolences to their families. They will be missed!

To date, one hundred and three residents have contracted the Covid-19 virus and although most have recovered, I believe 5 have passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of these families. I would list the names but at this time my list may not be accurate.

On a much brighter note, long time resident Jo Jansen celebrated her 104th birthday. Over 40 cars participated in the drive by parade, as Jo sat in her driveway, relishing the moment. Happy Birthday Jo!

Mayor Parente of East Williston approached me and Mayor Strauss of Mineola and suggested a great idea to honor the 2020 College graduates of the three Villages. Under current conditions, College graduation ceremonies have been cancelled. After a good discussion we all agreed to the concept/plan she proposed and all will participate. She authored the following:


Hats off! Raise your glass as we toast our graduates. 

The month of May is traditionally a time of celebration for students graduating from colleges and universities across the country. It appears that all of those on-campus celebrations have been replaced by distant individual celebrations. This Friday, at precisely 7pm, please go outside of your home and walk to the curb. The fire siren will sound and we should make some noise (honk your car horns, bang your pots and pans) and then, raise your age-appropriate glass and toast to the college graduates. 

College graduates, please come outside in your college colors and let us raise a glass to your accomplishments. Step out to the curb so that we can look up and down the streets and see who you are. We are proud of you and we want to show you our pride.”

I urge all residents to take part in the event, in order to show our appreciation, to all those who have worked hard to receive their various degrees. College Graduations ceremonies are extremely important to graduates and their families, and this year, they will be missing a major component of the college experience. If participating, I remind all to “maintain social distancing”.

The Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a food drive scheduled for May 30th. Further details will follow next week.

Car break-ins continue throughout Nassau County. Remember to keep your cars locked, at all times.